About Heta Arbeten®

Heta Arbeten® is a loss prevention concept that have reduce fires caused by Hot Work by 80%. This is the result of the stricter rules launched by Brandskyddsföreningen and the insurance companies in 1990. The loss prevention concept Heta Arbeten® is the most extensive action taken to prevent injuries and damage caused by fires in Sweden in the past 30 years.

What is Hot Work?
When hot work is posing a fire hazard carried out at a temporary
workplace then it is called Hot Work. A fire caused by Hot Work could lead to different consequences:

• Damaged property
• Closed-down or reduced production
• Lost work as there is no longer a workplace to go to
• Reduced claim settlement by the insurance company
• Disruption of essential services such as healthcare, airports (or transport),
data communications and electricity, water and district heating networks.
• Injury or death


Before Hot Work can be performed, three functions must be manned. The Hot Work team consists of a permit issuer, a hot work operative and a firewatcher. They all play key roles in enabling Hot Work to be carried out in a safe and secure manner. All three function must have a valid certificate Heta Arbeten®

All major insurance companies in Sweden require that Hot Work be performed by certified Hot Work operatives. The requirements are regulated in the insurance companies' terms of insurance. 

Hot Work is preformed in a number of industries, for example in:

• Roofing
• Welding
• Weed burning
• Paint removal with hot tools
• Hot shoeing of horses and horn burning of calves