Heta Arbeten®

The loss prevention concept Heta Arbeten® is based on 14 safety rules established by Brandskyddsföreningen in association with the insurance companies in Sweden. The concept saves lives and money in addition to reducing damage. It includes:

• Nationwide training through certified training organizers and instructors
• Training material in several languages
• IT support
• Seminars for instructors and training organizers
• Certification

The loss prevention concept Heta Arbeten® is the most extensive action taken to prevent injuries and damage caused by fires in Sweden in the past 30 years. The result of the stricter rules launched by Brandskyddsföreningen and the insurance companies in 1990 is 80% fewer fires caused by Hot Work. 

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What is Heta Arbeten®

When hot work is posing a fire hazard carried out at a temporary workplace then it is called hot work.